Ebola patient zero by meihua

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A two year old patient named Emile Ouamouno had died due to the virus Ebola.As no one around the world knows the two year old child, they called him patient zero. Some researchers said that Emile was the first to have contracted Ebola in his rainforest village in Southern Guinea and it started to spread to other parts of the world through friends and family members.Although Guinea have already been free of Ebola, there are still lingering effects in the virus.The village suffered a lot from the economic responses as no one wanted to buy goods from them and people in the village are trying to abandon their children and family members in order to escape from the country. This causes a significant number of loss for the village as well as the country.


Till now, no one has never known how Ebola works and finds out the medicine for it. However,we can still try to have some preventive measures to lower the death rate of the world population who suffered from Ebola.For example, China has been trying to allocate a specific pathway for the african to walk on when they entered the country.It only works with the help of everyone around the world to play a part in trying to prevent Ebola from spreading. therefore, let us work together to help build a better society.