Ebola: patient zero

Ebola : Patient zero


A toddler ,Emile Ouamouno, had Ebola when he was two. He had the symptoms which all Ebola patients have. He died after four days and followed on to his family members. Soon the whole village had Ebola after going to the family's funeral. Ebola is caused by infection in the fluids and tissues in the body. With the result of this disease in the village. No one wanted to have any crops bought from it.


I personally think that Ebola is a deadly disease. It could take away someone's life within such a short period of time. I think that it was sad that the child did not know that he had Ebola and died at such a young age. It is also very sad that his parents died after him. From the article, i also learnt the symptoms of Ebola which is black poop, fever and bleeding problems. I think that countries should work together to produce something which is powerful enough to fight Ebola.

Sean kwang☆