Google Device For Health + 5 links

Google device for health


Google wants to help diagnose cancers, future heart attacks or strokes and other diseases as early as possible. The idea is to allow the person to act as early as possible. Google's aim is to monitor the blood for the traces of cancer, allowing detection of any symptoms long before any appear. Google is designing a suite of particles which are intended to match mark for different conditions. Unattached particles would move freely in a magnetic field from those clumped around a cancer cell.


I think that what google is doing now will help society in future. With this device, people are allowed to know if he or she has cancer before any physhical symtoms appear such as lumps. With technology being so advanced many things can be quickly detected and cured these days. Google has also invented a wrist band which also helps in monitoring the blood flow in the body which can also help the person monitor their cholesterol at the same time.


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