google device for health by jun hao

Summary :
                  Google is aiming to diagnose cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes and other diseases, at a much earlier stage than is currently possible. The idea is to identify slight changes in the person's biochemistry that could act as an early warning system. Google's ambition is to constantly monitor the blood for the unique traces of cancer, allowing diagnosis long before any physical symptoms appear. Google is designing a suite of nanoparticles which are intended to match markers for different conditions. Unattached nanoparticles would move differently in a magnetic field from those clumped around a cancer cell. The tech company's ambition is ultimately to create a wristband that would take readings of the nanoparticles via light and radio waves one or more times a day.
              In my opinion, I feel that this is a very useful device and can definitely save many lives. Early diagnosis is the key to treating disease. Many cancers, such as pancreatic, are detected only after they have become untreatable and fatal. With the nanoparticles, patients who are not aware that they have cancer will manage to seek the help from a doctor before the condition worsens. This will ensure many lives to be save as they can cure their illness faster. For instances, a person who is unaware that he has cancer will now be able to know that he is diagnosis with cancer and can hurry see a doctor. Thus I feel that this is a very useful and beneficial device.