ISIS by meihua

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ISIS prisoners has been revealed to a American journalist.Each of them has confessed to the bad deeds they have done such as bombing a car and a remote control car bomb. They were being brought out of the prison cell with binds folded to cover their eyes and whenever they speak to someone, ISIS guards will be supervising each and everyone of them.The prisoners shared their experience as being forced as an ISIS member and it also seems to the American journalist that they only know a little about the world. It was as if they were being tortured and living life as hell in the terrorist group.


I think that all countries in the Middle East such as America and Britain should work together to fight the terrorist group. All the while, there were many threats around us and on how to solve the problem depends on how one faces the problem.We should face each and every threat positively, believing that we will managed to take them down then will we succeed. For example, America has faces the terrorist group when they tried to crash two hijacked planes into the world trade centre towers in 2001.However, they faced it positively and tried as much to care for the citizens despite having a many fatalities. All in all, believing in ourselves and the country could help us to overcome different difficulties faced.