Flappy Bird Addiction

Flappy bird is the number 1 application in the iOS App Store in over 100 countries. The game comes from a Vietnam developer. He overtook the game Angry Birds, Clash Of Clans and Candy Crush. Flappy Bird has none of the game techniques that those games use; leveling ups, three star systems, stages, etc. Its is number one because of one main reason which is it has no in-app purchases and the levels just go on and on with an increasing difficulty. Why is it so addictive? As it is made to be very hard but it looks extremely simple, it makes one feels that he have achieved something when they get a new high-score, it needs skills to play the game and lastly, the game is very brief so that one can get as many plays as possible. but sadly the producer has taken down the game from the app store before committing suicide as there are a few people who also committed suicide due to the huge addiction to the game.