Terrorism by meihua

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In Singapore, in the 2013, there has been a rise in the number of hackers online. The government has  been trying to tighten the law for online hacking and by hacking online one will most probably face charges of getting up to three years of jail terms as well as a fine of up to $5,800.It is important to keep our websites in Singapore as safe as possible so as to not expose one privacy online and some governments matters.Hence, the government has been putting in their best effort to monitor all computers activity in Singapore hoping that the crime rates of hacking can reduce to a smaller number in the years to come.


I believe that having doing our part in keeping our privacy safe is as important as trying to prevent hackers to hack into our websites and accounts.Having a longer and more complicated password for all our social media accounts can prevent hackers to hack into our account easily.Normally hackers hack into people's account whereby the password is easy and easy remembered. For example, the password of one facebook account is password or the password to gmail account is 123456. These are why hackers usually hacked into accounts of people due to the owner of the account do not take any responsibility in ensuring that their account is safe from hackers.Thus, to have a healthy social media online, everyone has to take responsibility in ensuring that their passwords of their accounts are complicated enough to keep their privacy safe.