elderly needs by meihua

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A recent survey shows that 8 out of 10 elderly in Singapore are confident that their needs will be taken care of as they aged.Half of the respondents to the survey state that their financial adequacy is enough or excellent to allow them to survive for the rest of their old age without having to worry about not having the ability to afford things that they want.The elderly in the survey also showed that they viewed working at their age positively and agreed that it helps to make them think that they are self worth and not useless in contributing for the country although they can only work on the lower income rate jobs such as toilet cleaners and washers in hawker centres.Many of them also see lifelong learning as a way to help them manage ageing,to be more motivated to learn so that they have the ability to help others and change the things around them.Also,many of them look forward to their lives the next day with little saying that things were getting out of control.


Although many people believes through some surveys saying that elderly can manage their lives on their own, but they are still many which need help in their daily activities.For example, those elderly who have medical problems such as heart disease or high blood pressure.These diseases are not easily curable. Hence even if they feel that their financial adequacy is enough for them it spent in their lives,  a sudden operation needed will cost will coast half of their savings to be used up.Therefore, the government has implemented different policies such as the CHAS and pioneer generation card to help them reduce their medical bills so that they are able to afford for more visits to the hospital or clinics.We should all care for the elderly around us and ensure that elderly these days are being treated fairly as they are mostly the ones who let Singapore move to a greater height and allow Singapore to be what it is today.