Elderly People in Singapore

Study highlights need to help 'socially isolated' elderly folk

There's group of elderly in Singapore that needs help . According to a study. Living alone in one-room flats and feeling isolated, they hardly care for their health, this will cause health problems. Researchers called for more volunteerism to help get the old folks out of isolation. In Singapore, they found that more than 80 per cent have been screened for health problems. Those who have not were found to be "socially isolated". Professor Straughan said part of the problem may lie with the ideal of a three-generation family living under one roof. Older people who may not have such support could see it as a failing on their part and "would rather live in misery than admit that they are left alone".

Most of the elderly people living in Singapore needs physcical and mental help from the people around them. Researchers concluded that elderly people living in one roomed flats will feel very isolated and lonely, also they often will be absent for their health checks. The health checks are beneficial for the elderly people as they could help diagnose problems with their bodies such as diabetes, oseoperosis, etc. After the research, researchers have also grouped up a group volunteers and said that with the help of the volunteers, the elderly people can slowly be dragged out of their lonely zone.

Sean kwang