teen issues by meihua

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More and more teenagers in the society tend to be lacking in basic work experience. Most of them rather take up banks loans for their universities or college fees than to work part time. Many teenagers are busy with their daily activities such as CCA, tuition, spending time with their families and so on such that they do not have time to spare to work. This is a serious problem as research has shown that by working part time and studying, students know how to manage their time efficiently and can achieve greater success when they enter the working society. Working part time during college and universities is essential in ensuring that students can understand specific career paths and the environment of workplace. With those, they will be far better equip in the working world.


I personally feel that working part time while studying is a beneficial thing for students. It enable students to judge and manage their time effectively and learn to be more independent in lives. I have also experience working part time during my November and December school holidays last year and i really get a taste of how the workplace in the society is like which helps me to adapt to the workplace environment easily when i get to work after graduating. This is a major benefit to me as i will not have to find myself having difficulties in coping with lives after entering the workforce. Therefore, working part time while studying is an effective measure in allowing students to grow and develop into a working adult.