teen issues by meihua

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Teenagers who are often engage in social media till the late night are often suffering from social media effects.These social media effects include depression and increasing anxiety. Studies have shown that girls are more affected than boys by social media and they are the ones who face larger amount of stress in their daily lives. Stress of girls mostly come from tests and exams and a significantly small proportion of worrying about their future lives. Teenagers have to control their daily usage of phone so that they will not suffer from loneliness and depression.


I personally feel that teenagers should control their daily phone usage such that they will not be engross in their phones and be oblivious to their surroundings. A suitable amount of time of about 2 hours use for phones is definitely enough for a teen each day for their entertainment purposes. For example, my father always control my usage of phone to 2 hours from per day during weekdays for me to check on my whats-app for important messages and stuffs as well as for entertainment purposes. After 2 hours, i will have to 'surrender' my phone to him. Although this seems of restricting my freedom, it does help when it is nearing to exams or tests as i will not be too engross in my phone and not preparing for the major exams or tests. Hence, it is important for us to know that phones are a great help to us in our daily lives but we cannot rely on it too heavily before we suffer from its consequences.