Teen Issues part 1

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By Sean


K-pop has made teenages develop health problems. Those who does a lot of internet activities relating to K-pop usually suffer asthenia, sleeping late and skipping meals. Some even lock themselves in a room all day long just to read or watch k-pop related articles, instead of doing activities that are good for their wellbeing.


Personally i think that this article is too exaggerating. It blames almost every health problem to k-pop, even simple problems like skipping meals or communication with fans. However K-pop has instead taught us fans how to be united as one in one fandom. They have taught us many things that we are not taught in schools or learnt in our daily lives. Examples are 'live life to its fullest everyday' this can be learnt from BTS's (Bangtan sonyeondan) albums In The Mood For Love part 1 and Part 2, stop discrimination and hate this can be learnt from the incident of Jhope, RapMon and Jimin at the start of their group debut.
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