GM food by jun hao

Summary :
                       GM has for years been viewed with suspicion across the continent.
Indeed aid shipments from the United State containing GM food were turned away during Zambia's famine in 2002.In Uganda the government here is beginning to adopt a "by any means necessary" policy to tackle their own national food shortages .They are working to develop their own Africa solutions to African problems, and clearly believe that GM is part of that solution. 80 children live here, many of them are orphans and budgets are extremely tight. The diet could hardly be more basic. At breakfast time the kids tuck into porridge made of maize flour. The trouble is that the price of the maize has gone up three fold in a year. The school is struggling to cope. Staff are worried that, soon, they will be unable to feed the kids.
         In my opinion, Gm food is a very good way solve the problem. They should  try it out for a few months instead of just  letting them starve. If it is not effective, they can always decline it. They should test it first before distributing it.