problem child

Problem child


Parenting issue is the main point in this article. Ben was a mischievous boy. He started by pushing a boy while in the line and encouraging other kids to kick him. But his teacher saw it and as his teacher, Jill, begin to council him and he begin to behave himself at home. But people who had a bad impression of him will call him a troublemaker. If one parent's child were to do something wrong, they may not find out the main reason of the problem, instead they will do anything to defend their child. Instead of defending the before knowing what happened, they can explain to their child what he or she did wrong what are the better ways to solve the problem and how to prevent any misunderstandings and fights.


I think before jumping to conclusions the parent can have the initiative to ask their child what did they do to start the argument.Iif the child is a 'troublemaker' this will cause people to have a very deep and bad impression of the child. This will lead to people leaving the child all alone with no one to play with. So to prevent this, parents can guide and teach their child to be better at handling things with the correct attitude and way.

Sean kwang