improving the welfare of immigrants by LeeYu

               In Singapore, the question of how these workers have to be treated has become increasingly pressing following two major foreign-worker-related incidents . Nearly a year later, there was a large-scale riot by South Asian workers, following the death of an Indian construction worker due to a traffic accident. The situation escalated and soon turned into a violent protest. Overseas employment agencies are believed to play a considerable role in the employment of many foreign workers. There is a risk that these agencies might present a distorted image of working conditions and charge exorbitant fees for their services.
            Immigrants should be treated fairly and better. They are humans just like us. If they are not treated fairly or better, they might think Singapore is so rude and bad. This might ruined singapore's reputation. This might also add on to the stress the immigrants had felt. Their job is very dangerous and many accidents may happen. However, if they are treated better, the number of accidents might decrease.