Singapore's experience in education reform by Wenchen

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Singapore had a bad start for education, but developed a good education system. The three main elements for Singapore's education system are bilingual policy, ability based streaming and emphasis on maths and science. Singapore's success also has other reasons, which are the brilliant quality of school teachers, the great school management and the education beyond books. Singapore also aims to improve the holistic school education and make learning more enriching.

In my opinion, I agree with all the three main elements of Singapore's education system. There is a need for bilingual policy as the citizen require a common language to communicate with each other and they also need to appreciate about their culture. Ability based streaming is to ensure that everybody can understand the lesson by grouping the better students and giving them more advanced education and giving the weaker students basic education. Students should also emphasize on maths and science so as to let them help the nation to develop when they grow up. I believe that the good quality of teachers is the most important reason for Singapore's education to be perfect. Had it not been the teacher's good quality, students will find learning much more harder.