Dangers of using social media (T2W5) by meihua


Through social media, shaming and bullying often occur as public shaming become another name for mob justice and there is no middle regulation and rules online and this allows people to post whatever they want online ranging from shaming normal citizens to athletics  participating Olympics to high ranking officials like Obama. However, there is often dangers to this as one is putting themselves in the risk of being a target online.


I feel that people should learn to empathize with people of the society be it in the real world or the virtual world.One should put their feet into other people's shoes to think at the perspective of the victim when they have a thought to shame and bully others online. Actually, frankly speaking people who bully others through social media platform are personally allowing others to feel that they are more cowardly as they decide to bully and shame people anonymously than to confront them to bully them or shame them. I am not saying that confronted bullying is good but in fact before deciding or making  a choice to follow others online to shame and bully others, why not just try to put ourselves into their shoes instead? This will definitely ensure that there is a better environment in the virtual world for everyone to enjoy. If everyone starts to learn to empathize others, i am sure that there will be lesser negative comments online. With the choice in our hand to make the internet a positive environment, so why not do our part to make everyone lives better online?