Does Singapore deserve its 'miserable' tag? By Wenchen

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A survey revealed that Singapore is one of the least positive countries in the world. A debate is ongoing to argue whether this is true or not. Some agrees with it as they feel that nobody around is offering help when they are in need; they are treated as if they were invisible. Others feel that Singapore is very secure and has a lot of free facilities and cheap food, therefore, there is b=no reason for Singaporeans to be the least positive people.

I feel that this problem's root is the stressful life that some people experience, causing them to forget their moral values and we can do something to improve this situation. Parents and schools can teach children to show more courtesy and kindness. I believe that this "miserable tag" might be partially wrong. According to my personal experience, I had witnessed a lot of acts of kindness, such as giving up seats to elderly people on a bus.