2015 news by Wenchen

Many positive events did happen, such as the resolution of Iran's nuclear deal. However tragic incidents happened, such as ISIS growing increasingly strong and carrying out more suicide blasts in places like Turkey and Paris. In North Korea, nuclear developments were getting more and more powerful and a nuclear war is likely to start. Countless of refugees from Syria were flocking into Germany. The most important event is climate change, getting much more severe.

I feel that we must learn from these events so as to prevent the negative ones from happening again.
More security measures must be taken effective to counter terrorism. The world must work as a whole to prevent climate change.

One event that is the most significant in 2015 in my opinion is the passing of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He is such a great person, concerned about Singapore's problems and future, and tirelessly working on solutions to tackle them. His passing means a lot to us.