Creativity by meihua

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Creativity is needed to develop a holistic education for children in schools nowadays so as to meet the needs of a changing world. Creativity is needed to progress in the future world and to allow our country's economy to continue booming. In order to stay relevant to the changing world, citizens should have a mind of creativity which allows them to pursue a good life and a good job in the future. Employers nowadays have been demanding employees to often possess creativity and flexibility in approaching the real life problems of society. By having creativity, our approach and perspective of education can be changed from a competition orientated environment to a character and interest building orientated. Everyone plays an important part in functioning of the society and a n inclusive society starts from having the right mindset and character development of the young.


I do believe and support that creativity is need to develop and improve our future. Yet, there are also other values which is needed to allow progress in future such as determination and staying relevant. Together with creativity, all these values above will allow citizens to have the right mindset and character development, allowing them to contribute greatly to the society. For example, by cultivating the value of determination since young, youths will grow up well and understanding the meaning of determination and that they will not give up easily if they encounter a problem in their future years.Hence, creativity to think of new ideas and other values are the main source to keep our country going in the next ten to twenty years.